A tour with many destinations

One thing that really makes bed and breakfast accommodation so popular in the UK is the warm welcome you generally receive. Additionally the properties are scattered far and wide, giving people more options to stay closer to attractions they want to enjoy.

With three extravagant rooms, each with their own unique characteristics and charm, you are quite spoiled for choice when you decide to stay at Harvest House. Complete with stunning countryside views and a morning meal that surpasses all others, our bed and breakfast really stands out in the New Forest.

Within the New Forest National Park there are a wide array of activities to do and ways to enjoy your time. Among them are numerous guided tours that let you explore the scenery and local wildlife.

With the New Forest Tour you can get fantastic views of the animals, scenery and villages that inhabit the area. These tours run daily and you can choose from one of three options. Red runs through the wild northwest, Green is here for those purely after the scenic southeast, and Blue can be enjoyed by all who love the coastal environments of the southwest.

Whilst on a trip special audio commentaries will tell you the tales of New Forest’s places and inhabitants. Music and sounds bring the experience to life, making it really engaging. If you’d like, you can hop off one bus and get a later one, and you can even switch between tour routes, all on the same ticket no less.

At Harvest House Bed and Breakfast we provide you with the perfect place to stay while you enjoy your getaway. With so much to see and do, we guarantee that you will love every moment of your New Forest experience. If there is anything you would like to know about the area, or us, we would be happy to assist you.