Autumn is a wonderful time in Hampshire

Autumn is a wonderful time of year in Hampshire, particularly when you look to the New Forest National Park. This is the time of year when the leaves on the trees change colour, completely transforming the forests. With a stunning mix of trees, including ancient species, ornamental ones, and native varieties, there are many incredible sights to see.

Last year was celebrated as one of the best autumn periods on record for the National Park. The sights were truly breathtaking and put it alongside the most renowned areas in the world, even drawing comparisons with the fall in Canada. Expectations are high for this year and visitors are already hoping for a repeat.

The autumn period adds extra dimensions to the trails through the forest. The colours create a more incredible background and you have more opportunities to see wildlife too as a result. Whether you’re new to the area or have visited at a different time of the year each trail will look completely unique.

If you visit the area to enjoy some cycling you need to be aware of the impact the period has on the conditions. With more rain expected and leaves and sticks covering trails you need to take more care to ensure you are safe in the saddle.

This time of year is also really great if you enjoy foraging. The forest is full of wild mushrooms and many varieties will be ready to pick in the autumn. If you do plan on doing this make sure you know which ones are safe to eat and which should be avoided. You also need to be careful and ensure you don’t trespass on private land whilst searching.

At Harvest House Bed and Breakfast we really love Hampshire and the New Forest in the autumn. We understand the wonderful attractions on offer at this time of year and want to help visitors have the very best experience during their stay.