Beaulieu Road pony sales begin in June

A distinct highlight of the New Forest’s summer and autumn calendar is the announcement of the dates for the donkey and pony sales held by the New Forest Livestock Society. There are three auction dates set for 2016, with the first, the Beaulieu Road Pony Sales, being scheduled for the 1st of June. This is an event which draws horse, pony and donkey lovers from across the country. Our bed and breakfast is a great place to stay for people attending the auction and show, and we are now taking bookings for the June event.

To understand what makes the Beaulieu Road Pony Sales such an important date on the calendar, you must be aware of the proud tradition, heritage and pedigree of the livestock on display. Their condition and well being are routinely checked by highly respected bodies such as the RSPCA, the ILPH, BHS and DEFRA. Despite the fact that the Beaulieu Road Pony Sales fall under the mandate of standard auction and auctioneer laws and conditions, Hampshire CC Trading Standards representatives are invited to observe and monitor all transactions.

Although the final catalogue for this year’s Beaulieu Road Pony Sales has not been released yet, it is widely expected that the usual mix of colt foals, ponies and donkeys will be exhibited. For those with a wish to buy, this first sale day of each year is considered to be the best. If, however, you are more interested in admiring the animals rather than owning them, you will be far from alone. Many people attend the show simply to have a great day out, with no intention of buying, so you will be very welcome to attend.

If you have planned to travel to Hampshire for the first Beaulieu Road Pony Sales of 2016, we are the finest choice of accommodation for you. Our bed and breakfast in Lymington is situated in easy reach of the specialist sales grounds and our quality rooms and service will help you have the perfect time.