Beautiful New Forest winter walks

Although many people view winter as a time when it is better to stay wrapped up and warm at home, there are still many who love to venture to the New Forest. There are some wonderful walks that are really peaceful at this time of year, suiting the mood perfectly.

If they have booked a stay at a local bed and breakfast New Forest visitors should consider taking the time to do one of the following walks. It will show the National Park in a completely different light to what you will see in spring, summer, and autumn.

Acres Down

This two and a half mile walk can be completed in around an hour and is mostly flat, making it perfect for all kinds of visitors. It starts near peaceful Minstead and you’ll get to walk through ancient and ornamental woodland. Wildlife may be seen wandering around, including ponies and pigs.


This walk is a similar length as the one above and should take around the same amount of time. It starts on the eastern edge of the village and provides great views of heath and wetlands. A stretch of the route follows the path of a former railway.


If you want to walk through ornamental woodland with a chance to see deer this is the route for you. It is three and a half miles long and can be completed in around an hour and a half. A small diversion can take you to a wonderful local tea house.


The New Forest is home to a diverse selection of different habitats. This four and a half mile walk will take you through all of them. It will take two to three hours to complete but it is one of the best ways to see everything the area has to offer.

Whitefield Moor

There is no better winter walk in the whole of the New Forest. There are two routes; the hour long yellow and one and a half to two hour red. Both are hilly so there are plenty of incredible views to enjoy. Towards the end there is even a stretch with a wooden bridge across Ober Water. There is a really romantic feel at this time of year, especially towards the end of the day.

If you are planning a visit, be sure to choose a bed and breakfast New Forest visitors love. That way you can ensure you have a great time this winter.