Brewing up a holiday plan

When you think of holidays an image with your partner and children may likely come to mind. Within the vicinity of Lymington and the New Forest though, there’s plenty for adults to indulge themselves. The Ringwood Brewery tour for example runs throughout the year, operating on Saturday afternoons most months and on the Sundays from May to September.

The brewery tour experience lasts for roughly two hours; and yes it does include a complimentary drink within the pin room. During your visit you can get a better idea of the smell of the hops, taste the malted barleys, and in the TunRoom you’ll be able to witness the fermentations bubbling away. This is a really great insight into the process.

A tasting session is included within the tour and you’ll also have the chance to wander through the Brewery Store. Packed with fantastic draught and bottled beers, as well as some other goodies and gifts, you won’t want to miss out on visiting.

Once the tour has concluded, every guest is presented with a glass upon departure, leaving the experience on quite a high note. If you have already made plans and can’t make a tour, you can still visit the store during open hours to make a purchase.

At Harvest House we have a great knowledge of the array of activities that are available throughout the local area and wider region. We can offer tips and recommendations for both adults only and families, helping visitors have the best time. We urge you to contact us before your trip if you would like our help; we can offer up to date information about events going on.

Our bed and breakfast is the perfect place to choose as the base for your stay, putting you in close proximity to Lymington, the south coast, and the New Forest. The Ringwood Brewery is also under 40 minutes away by car. If you have any questions for us please feel free to get in touch.