Channel your inner water sporting champion

B&Bs are renowned for offering more personalised services and being situated in a wider array of locations. Travellers in the UK love staying at them, especially those ones that offer a warm welcome and an excellent experience. Building a reputation as the best bed and breakfast New Forest has available; Harvest House is just the place to stay.

Those who are interested in water-based activities might enjoy a trip to the New Forest Water Park. Situated in 50 acres of the alluring countryside, this environmentally friendly substitute to your more traditional boat sports will please even the biggest of water sporting enthusiasts.

One of the most popular attractions, that of the five pylon wakeboard cable, is one of the newest to pop up here in the UK. Similar to a ski lift system, it is rather taunt and high, making it ideal for those who wish to try something new and expand their skills. For beginners who are just starting out, there is the System 2.0 straight line-cable; here you can take your initial lessons in an easier setting before you move to the main cable.

The wakeboard system, which was the first for the south coast, caters for all ability levels. It joins the multitude of other water sport activities that one can participate in at the Fordingbridge-based park. Said sports also include kayaking, paddle boarding, and waterskiing. There is something for everybody and you can look forward to a thrilling day.

At Harvest House, we give our guests a choice of three rooms; the Attic Suite, Keyhaven, and Hurst. Each one is just as charming as the last and the trio comes fully equipped with all the essentials required to have a wonderful time. The whole property is peaceful and we are situated in a fantastic location with the countryside on one side and the coast the other way.

If you wish to find out more about what many people believe to be the best bed and breakfast New Forest visitors can choose, we’d be more than happy to help.