Discovering Milford On Sea’s rich history

Many people love taking holidays in specific areas of Britain purely to take in the rich history of the region. Due to our fascinating geographical location, we have welcomed many guests over the years for this very reason. Hurst Castle is just one of the many places of great historical significance you can access from Milford on Sea, but with a special early season opening planned for Easter 2016, we thought it would be appropriate to spend some time here looking at it.

Hurst Castle was built in 1544 and for many it is the personification of the tactical genius of Henry VIII. When we bear in mind that satellite mapping and global positioning did not exist four and a half centuries ago, it is quite remarkable that Henry VIII was able to calculate the position of Hurst Castle is virtually in the exact centre of England’s southern coastline. This made it the perfect point to watch out for attacks from the west and east of the southern coastline with a minimal level of resources. Time and again, Hurst Castle has proven to be the first line of defence against such attacks, with many failed foes mistakenly believing this point would provide easy access to London.

From acting as one of England’s most important defensive points for nearly five hundred years, to serving as the prison in which Charles I was held, Hurst Castle is an absolute must-see for those with a love of British history. This year provides the perfect chance to visit. While Hurst Castle usually opens to the public from the first week of April, a decision was taken this year to hold a special “Come and Visit Hurst Castle” celebratory week over the end of March 2016.

As a highly regarded bed and breakfast based in Hampshire, we have always been a popular choice for history buffs using their holiday to learn about Milford on Sea’s past. We are delighted to see that Hurst Castle is getting an extra bit of attention and focus this year, and we look forward to welcoming those who travel to the area to experience it.