Fire up your engines for a visit to the National Motor Museum

If you’re looking for a unique day out in the New Forest, try paying a visit to Beaulieu, home of the National Motor Museum. Hosting a staggering array of displays and collections regarding all things related to motoring, this is a great destination for anyone with so much as a passing interest in motor vehicles.

The museum is run by the National Motor Museum Trust, who are dedicated to preserving and promoting motoring history, and is known as one of the first and foremost collections of motoring memorabilia in Britain. The exhibits cover an array of various different locations as well as a variety of media including photographs and video clips. The goal of the museum is to preserve all these items to ensure that future generations can enjoy learning about motoring history.

The museum’s Caravan Club Collection covers the history of the caravan, from the birth of touring caravans in 1885 through to the centenary celebrations of the club itself in 2007. One of the more unique collections is the Shell Heritage Art Collection, a collection of commercial art centred around motoring, including posters from famous artists, as well as Shell Guides concerning the counties of Britain. There’s also the Motoring Archives, cataloguing a huge variety of information and records on businesses, individuals and professional associations, as well as the impressive Film and Video Library and Photographic Collection.

Of course, one cannot talk about the museum without mentioning their impressive collection of vehicles. From the Grenville Steam Carriage, the oldest self-propelled road vehicle still in working order, to the extraordinarily unique Mini Outspan Orange, the collection covers a wide array of manufacturers. There is also a collection focused around motoring miscellanea, from accessories to general motoring items such as petrol pumps.

The museum is open around the year, except for Christmas Day, whilst the collections are accessible via appointment only. It is certainly worth making a visit here if you are interested in motoring history. At our welcoming bed and breakfast in Lymington, we pride ourselves on our own small classic car collection, and will gladly provide facilities and parking for those looking to visit us in their own classic vehicles. If you’re planning to make a visit to the National Motor Museum, we can provide you with the perfect base.