See the forest carpeted in violet and blue

Spring is a beautiful time in the New Forest. As winter ends and the weather gets warmer, life returns to the diverse landscape, bringing some fantastic colour with it. If you’re planning to visit in the next couple of months, you’ll get to see the bluebells blooming, adding violets and blues to the ancient woodland.

You can see bluebells in their natural habitat across the New Forest. There are even 34km of inclosures where the flowers can grow and bloom without being disturbed by wildlife or visitors. In the UK bluebells are legally protected so people cannot remove the flowers from their land to sell or take the bulbs when they are found in the wild. This means that people can continue to visit each spring to enjoy the sight.

Bluebells bloom in the New Forest at the beginning of spring and can be found through the whole of April and May. The plants can reach up to 30cm tall and create stunningly vibrant carpets of violet and blue across the landscape. They also emit a sweet scent that make it even more pleasant to walk along trails surrounded by the flowers.

There are a number of trails in the forest that come alive when the bluebells bloom. Sandleheath has a network of paths to choose from, all of which will be bordered by the flowers throughout spring. Roydon Woods is popular too. If you would rather visit an inclosure to see bluebells that haven’t been disturbed by wildlife, there are a number of excellent spots, such as Pondhead Inclosure, Broomy Inclosure and the area leading to Exbury Gardens.

Here at Harvest House we love seeing the New Forest in the spring. This is one of our favourite times of the year, as the new life and energy of spring reinvigorates people who live in the area and visitors alike. If you wish to experience spring in the New Forest for yourself, why not book a stay at our Hampshire bed and breakfast? We are within easy reach of many of the most beautiful areas, perfect for long strolls and other outdoor activities.