Make Hampshire that special place you enjoy visiting

We could present here a long, lengthy and loving description of the wonders of Hampshire for the benefit of all those looking to take a break and relax in this most magnificent area of the United Kingdom. Instead, though, we think you might rather appreciate these lines from the well-known local poem Down Hampshire Way:

The stranger never need feel strange
When he’s within our bounds,
We’ll welcome him till soon he feels
On old familiar grounds.

Sadly the name of the poet responsible for these words has been lost in the midst of time, but we hope that they – just as we are at Harvest House – are delighted and proud that these words remain as true of how Hampshire welcomes all now as it ever has been.

The most discerning, distinguished bed and breakfast has to offer our welcome visitors is Harvest House. Located along the idyllic coastal border of the New Forest National Park, we offer only the most exquisite and elegant of accommodation and service, tailored truly just for those who appreciate and indulge in the finest of life. As part of our commitment to delivering only the finest of experiences to our guests, we as you may expect focus solely on quality and never quantity. The three unique, luxurious rooms we offer deliver a bespoke experience for those staying with us, with the assurance in place that all guests will appreciate and respect the discretion and privacy of their fellow guests just as much as they will indulge and enjoy the opulence and comfort we provide.

Whether you wish to roam and explore the many welcoming facets and features of Hampshire, including of course the magisterial magic of the New Forest, or simply wish to indulge yourself within the undisturbed peace and tranquillity our lavish grounds offer, you will find your needs are met to the full by your hosts Amanda and Jon. We can inspire, guide and assist you as much as you may need, just as we will offer as much peace, solitude and reflective space and time as you might well seek out in our serene surroundings.

Harvest House opens the doors of hospitality to all of those who wish to experience Hampshire at its most beautiful, luxuriant and sophisticated best. If your ideal and most desired idea of the perfect place to stay away from home is one that embodies the luxury and the finesse of the finest in life, you can rest assured that our premises are precisely what you are looking for.