Try some horse riding in the New Forest

Whether you’re visiting for the weekend or longer, the New Forest has a multitude of attractions to offer, from countryside walks to local markets. One of the best ways to see the region is on horseback. Horse riding is a very popular pastime in the area, and there are countless providers offering lessons and hire services. Both new and experienced riders can take to the saddle here and explore the beautiful countryside.

One of the most unique qualities of the New Forest is the fact that it is home to a rare breed of ponies. The New Forest Pony has been living in the area for over 2,000 years and herds are still allowed to roam freely throughout the park. When walking, cycling, driving or riding through the region you’ll have countless opportunities to spot them as they graze and wander where they choose. They are owned by a small selection of local residents so you shouldn’t approach or feed them but they are a great sight to see.

If you visit from April to July, you will need to take additional care when riding in the area. This is breeding season and stallions are released to breed with the mares. It is important to stay away from the ponies during this time and avoid getting amongst them, whether you are on horseback or on foot.

The varying landscape in the New Forest makes it a great place for horse riding. There are many different trails to choose from including flat ones for beginners and more challenging wooded areas for experienced riders. Whether you want to trot across open country or gallop through forests, you can find exactly what you are looking for here. There couldn’t be a better backdrop to enjoy riding.

There are hundreds of gates throughout the New Forest separating the land into different pastures and areas. When riding through the areas you’ll need to dismount to open and close each of these. It is important to ensure every gate is properly closed to that livestock can’t wander too far and get confused with other herds.

Visitors can bring their own horses with them if they wish; there are many stables offering facilities if you need somewhere to house them. It is best to call in advance to make sure there is space available and find out what the cost of doing this will be. If you are planning a trip you can find luxury accommodation at our bed and breakfast in Hampshire. We can offer you a comfortable and relaxing place to stay after a long and tiring day of horse riding.