Jane in the rain is anything but plain

Whilst we all know that Hampshire is always a beautiful and wonderful part of our country to visit we must confess this is something of a first for us. Due to a most wonderful initiative underway in Winchester we find ourselves actively encouraging people to come to the area because it’s a wet and rainy time of the year, rather than despite this being the case. This may seem a little confusing but please rest assured that it’s for a very good reason – related to one of the most beloved writers our country has ever produced.

2017 marks the 200th anniversary of the passing of novelist Jane Austen. When you consider just how popular her works are today, be it the books themselves or the many adaptations of them, it’s quite incredible to think just how long ago she graced the region.

To start off the marking of this anniversary a wonderfully mischievous campaign has begun. In playing to the weather in full, several quotes from Jane Austen’s novels have been placed in 40 locations around Winchester. The trick is that they only become visible when the area they are placed in becomes wet. This is a wonderful initiative to get people out and about walking no matter what the weather, and we’d like to think a fantastic, fun thing for people to find. We’ve no doubt that Jane herself would be smiling at the idea.

Walking around finding the quotes is going to be a rewarding experience, but also quite a wet one. You’d be quite right to want to reward yourself with some comfort after finding as many of the hidden locations as you can. Staying with us at one of the most highly rated bed and breakfasts in Hampshire gives you this perfect reward.

The ‘Rain Jane’ campaign is just one of the many events planned to commemorate Jane Austen’s incredible link to Hampshire. We’re looking forward to experiencing all of them, and indeed to welcoming you to have the most perfect of stays with us as you do too.