Looking back in order to move forward

With a selection of top-notch rooms with their own character, as well as breakfasts delicious enough to satisfy even the hungriest of guests, we stand out as the best bed and breakfast in the New Forest. In terms of events, there’s always something going on and things to do in the area. It really is a vibrant place to visit.

June time is filled with fascinating and diverse events that are certain to get your attention. One such happening is the Primitive Hunting Equipment and Weaponry event. Here, you will get to learn about how our evolutionary history has worked to mould us into what we are today, and how our ancestors survived and hunted over 2.6 million years.

In order to understand where our human race is going, we must look back at where we came from. On this 7 hour course in Romsey, subjects that’ll be covered include primitive bow crafting, creating natural cordage, Atlatls (old throw spears), and willow fish traps.

For those who seek to discover nature’s great mysteries, the Natural Awareness and Identification event may be just the thing for you. If you’ve ever pondered over what animals make particular prints on the ground, how to tell how much daylight remains, where north lies, and how to identify different types of berries, then this could be the perfect event for you. Take a walk and enjoy the opportunity to learn all you can about recognising animal signs and tracks. At the same time, you’ll come to know all the useful tree and plant names, and how they were utilised in both past and present.

At Harvest House, in addition to the breathtaking views, all of our rooms are well equipped for your comfort. To keep you relaxed whilst in the sitting room, we have a large flat screen TV complete with a DVD player, a number of games, and a wood burner for the colder months. Guests are also welcome to enjoy the grounds.

If you would like to know more about us or what goes on in the local areas, we’d be happy to offer assistance. Being helpful and assisting our guests in finding the perfect entertainment are two more reasons why we are regarded as the best bed and breakfast in the New Forest.