New Forest Arts Festival 2017 is just around the corner!

With the New Forest Arts Festival fast approaching we’re readying ourselves for the events in and around the New Forest! This is the second annual festival and trees is the theme. By staying at Harvest House bed and breakfast New Forest visitors will be in a great spot to access the various events and activities around the area.

This year in particular marks 800 years since the Charter of the Forest was established. Since then all of the royal forests in England have been open for public access. The festival, which is one event among many in the Our Past Our Future project by the Heritage Lottery Fund, brought almost four thousand visitors last year! Things to do here this year include a family-friendly interactive adventure activity.

There’s also an evening of music planned for the festival featuring original songs inspired by the New Forest and the 1872 novella Under the Greenwood Tree. Elsewhere during the festival will be an appearance by veteran meteorologist Michael Fish. As well as this there is the opportunity to learn the stories of the New Forest gypsies and get involved in a folk jig!

If these don’t grab your interest then there are some workshops dotted around as well. Featuring professionals of their industry, you can learn to be a playwright or a cartoonist. On top of that you also have the opportunity to get involved in another workshop where the end result is you having built your own chair.

There’s plenty to do at the New Forest Arts Festival. Why else would it be a 15 day event? If you’re looking for stuff to do during your family holiday, or even just like the natural outdoors then you’ll love it.

With Harvest House bed and breakfast the New Forest National Park is only a stone’s throw away. The Arts Festival runs from the 10th to the 25th of June.