Places to visit in Hampshire when you stay with us

Whilst we are pleased that our historical Edwardian home is lovely to visit and to stay in, we understand that you can’t just stay cooped up. So, this blog post is going to tell you a little bit about places you can visit in when you spend the night at the most beautiful bed and breakfast Hampshire has to offer.

The Georgian market town Lymington is very famous for sailing. There are two sailing clubs that you can visit and large marinas packed with boats. You can try your hand at sailing if you like during your visit. If that doesn’t appeal to you itself the scenery surrounding the marinas is spectacular. Other areas around Lymington have wonderful woodlands too, perfect for you to stroll through. These ancient woods stretch for about 145sq miles so you could be walking for a long time!

Along the coast you will find a nature reserve which is home to several types of rare bird species which thrive in the salt marshes and mud flats. These only migrate here during the spring and autumn time though, so make sure you book your stay with us early in order for you to witness these beautiful birds! There are also some conservation societies you can visit too, one of them being a small group of dedicated people who conserve Butterflies.

Lymington is such a lovely town to walk around. There are three known routes you can take, all of which have varying length of times to complete. The shortest of them is about an hour and a half, and the longest is an estimated two hours. All the walks are equally gratifying, so you will be very much spoilt for choice if you choose to visit.

One of the other reasons why the town is so terrific to visit is purely down to the fact that it’s so rich in history. The salt industry that was once so rife in Lymington is definitely a notable part of the culture. During the 18th century the area was one of the main producers of sea salt in the country. It’s even said that the sea salt industry here dated back to the Roman Times! Now, what was once the concentrated area of sea salt along the coast line, is part of the nature reserve.

There are many more great things to see in the area beyond Lymington too. We are always happy to offer advice and tips. In fact, part of the reason we are regarded as a bed and breakfast Hampshire visitors shouldn’t miss out on staying at is we are always ready to help.