Scenic accommodation for walkers in the New Forest

The New Forest offers a world of beautiful countryside for the avid walker. This exquisite part of the UK has countless walks to offer, as there are so few implemented restrictions on walking in the area. Walking offers one of the best ways to enjoy the incredible atmosphere and scenery of the New Forest. It boasts an endless range of gravel tracks, as well as grassy rides throughout the enclosures. The area also offers open heathland and sandy trails which means that every visitor is sure to find their perfect walk.

As the terrain of the New Forest is not rough, it is ideal for all kinds of walkers. You can enjoy the various trails in comfortable yet hardy shoes without the need for heavy walking boots. If you are hoping to encounter wildlife such as deer it is advisable to dress in dark, rustle free clothing to maximise your chances. The area is of course widely known for its wildlife that attracts thousands of visitors every year. It is a low risk area, but walkers are always advised to be aware of adders. They are likely to run from you, but it is possible to surprise them. The amount of adder bites in the UK every years is minimal, but when walking on open-heathland areas in particular it is prudent to keep an eye out.

Walking in the New Forest gives you the freedom of wide open spaces. The routes include richly varied landscapes that offer wonderful wildlife and areas of historic interest. The varied nature of the walks makes them ideal for all kinds of walkers. Some trails are fairly short and are ideal for a peaceful stroll in the evening, whereas others are greater in length and take a few hours to complete.

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