Spotting wildlife in New Forest

During the autumn, days become increasingly shorter and leaves start changing colour. This time of year is ideal to discover many different types of wildlife, especially when visiting the New Forest. As a result it is the perfect time to book a stay at a wonderful bed and breakfast Hampshire visitors rate very highly.

There are deer, donkeys, pigs and ponies roaming in the forest in autumn. This means there is always the potential to see them out and about. Or if you’re more into bird watching, rest assured there are plenty to be discovered in the woodland areas.

There are many activities for you to experience the New Forest wildlife. Consider hiring a bike and ride amongst the ponies, or perhaps do some bird watching whilst canoeing along the Beaulieu River Nature Reserve. The breath-taking looks of deep reds and orange hues make this place magical when exploring; this is due to autumn being one of the most active times annually to see native breeds.

Pannage is when domestic pigs are released into a forest. There aren’t many locations in the UK that this occurs in, but it takes place in the New Forest yearly. The pigs have an important job to do once released; to clear the forest floor of chestnuts, acorns, and beech mast which are poisonous to the cattle and ponies. The Pannage lasts from September to the end of November if you want to witness it yourself.

The region’s most famous attraction is its ponies. It is home to around 3,000 of them, and they are in fact not wild; however they are allowed to roam free under Agister care. In order for them to be identified as a New Forest pony, they must be chestnut, bay or grey coloured.

Be sure to look out for the deer in the area. There are five different breeds found such as the Red and Roe. The easiest to find are the Fallow deer, and are identified by their white flecked spots.

Make sure to check out the many species of birds the area offers too. There are plenty of rare ones to see so make sure you bring some binoculars.

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