Staying occupied over the winter

Unbeatable views, a selection of exquisite bedrooms, freedom of space, and a breakfast room that comes complete with separate tables; all of this and more can be found at our establishment. As the best bed and breakfast Hampshire has to offer, we see to it that guests are supplied with all everything needed for them to have an enjoyable experience. With all the quality of a hotel but at a lower price, our lodgings should be your number one consideration.

Whilst you are away, you’re going to have to find some way to keep yourself entertained. Fortunately, there is always quite a lot going on around the Hampshire area, as well as in the surrounding settlements.

Although you may not consider this to be the ideal time of year for it, paddling can prove to be incredibly delightful, regardless of the season. Winter paddling over at The Old Forge is on until March 2018, and allows you to pick from single-seat kayaks to 2 or 3-seat canoes. For two hours, you shall be provided with a tour on the waters. You’ll soon discover that the Beaulieu River offers onlookers some truly breathtaking sites, especially during this time of year. Just remember that you will need to kit up beforehand; this requires you to arrive a half hour early.

If music is more your thing, Steve Knightly shall be visiting Ashurst on the 26th January as part of the Landlocked tour. One half of the evening shall be dedicated to traditional and original tunes, whilst the second half will focus more on his own nautical themes.

At Harvest House, we have accommodated a large variety of patrons as the years have gone by. From practiced travellers and youthful professionals to newlyweds and anniversary celebrants, we make everybody feel welcome and have enjoyed wonderful reviews as a result.

If you would also like to stay with us at the best bed and breakfast Hampshire has, please get in touch. You can also find more about us by browsing our website.