The first wild play area for the New Forest

The New Forest covers a huge area and is home to both ancient and newer woodland. With so many trees it is no wonder that some areas are overgrown and neglected. This lack of care can cause a number of problems, particularly if the canopy is not given the attention it needs. When this happens it can affect wildlife in the area and flora by blocking out sunlight.

A new plan has been launched that will transform one of these neglected areas. Warren Copse will become the first wild play site in the New Forest when work is complete. It will create an area where children and families can learn about nature all year round. The project is backed by Our Past, Our Future, led by the New Forest National Park Authority and involving ten other key partners.

Work at the site began earlier in the autumn thanks to the Warren Copse and Holbury Manor Conservation Group. A number of volunteers have been taking part in work to clear paths to open up the site. The traditional technique of coppicing has been introduced too, ensuring trees will be cut back to stimulate new growth.

A great aspect of the project is that many of the materials produced in the process of clearing the site this autumn will be used in the new wild play area. Logs in particular will be put to good use. This practice makes the work more sustainable and keeps the carbon footprint down because it reduces the number of additional materials that need to be sourced from elsewhere.

At Harvest House Bed and Breakfast in Lymington we understand the great opportunities the New Forest offers in terms of attractions and learning opportunities. The creation of a wild play area that will combine the two is wonderful and could prove to be a popular spot when it is finished. We love this kind of work too because it preserves the woodland, ensuring it is managed effectively and benefits the environment.