Visit the ancient woodland in Spring

Spring is a fantastic time of the year to visit the ancient woodland in the New Forest. The area is beginning to thrive again at this time of the year, welcoming new animals, blooming flowers, and the return of the warmer weather. If you are thinking about visiting Harvest House is a great option for a bed and breakfast in Lymington, putting you close to the forest and beautiful sights.

One of the most incredible things to see in the ancient woodland is the Knightwood Oak. The tree is an incredible 7 plus metres wide and is over 600 years old. It is a very popular sight and there is a short easy walk in the area too.

When you visit the Knightwood Oak you can get a look at an interesting part of the culture of the area. The tree showcases the traditional art of ‘pollarding’, the process of harvesting wood from a tree without killing it. This is a sustainable technique and has been a big part of allowing a lot of the trees in the New Forest to reach old ages.

The Knightwood Oak is located on the Bolderwood Arboretum Ornamental Drive in the heart of the forest, a short distance from Lyndhurst. In Bolderwood there is also a deer viewing platform. Many people like to visit it on the same day as the ancient oak, particularly when they are in the area in spring.

We are well located for people looking to visit both the sites and they can enjoy a leisurely drive through country roads to reach it. When you stay with us at Harvest House we will do our utmost to ensure you have the perfect experience and feel right at home.

We are happy to cater for all kinds of special requests and also offer a helping hand for visitors who are unsure what they should look for in the New Forest or nearby villages and towns like Lymington. We can offer tips to suit all manner of interests.