Where to eat in the New Forest

It has been over 900 years since William the Conqueror earmarked the New Forest as royal hunting ground. Today, the 220 square miles are recognised as a National Park, a top destination for one and all. Visitors come to walk, cycle and even ride horses amongst the greenery. If you plan to stay at a bed and breakfast Hampshire has plenty within touching distance of the area.

Considering the number of people that come to visit the New Forest every year, it is no surprise a vibrant food scene has emerged. What is unexpected though is that many restaurants use the natural forest bounty to make great meals. A particular focus is on the abundance of wild mushrooms.

The Forestry Commission have recently steered people from picking mushrooms without guidance. Doing it yourself can sometimes be risky, especially because there are many varieties that are not suitable for human consumption. Instead of risking your safety, take advantage of the limited fungi campaigns that use licensed guides. With one of them you can look forward to a fantastic day of foraging.

If you do visit the area on a food adventure there are a number of places not to be missed. Find out about a few of them below.

A five minute drive from Brockenhurst is The Pig, renowned for its kitchen-garden style. Most of the ingredients the restaurant uses are locally sourced, celebrating wonderful New Forest produce and the freshness on offer.

At the Lime Wood hotel near Lyndhurst is Hertnett Holder and Co restaurant. The menus still rely on locally sourced food; however they use an innovative Italian approach.

Looking elsewhere, Beaulieu’s The Terrace remains a highly recommended spot to eat in the area. It sadly lost its Michelin star but continues to provide an outstanding menu and some wonderful dishes.

Venturing a few miles south, you will find Lymington. The lovely sailing town is home to Bourg’s Elderflower restaurant. This particular establishment gets high praise from many of the locals, including ourselves, for its British-French cuisine.

If getting deep into the New Forest is something you plan on doing, then there is a choice of food establishments along the tracks. With The Brockenhurst to Burley cycle route, you will discover a quaint tea shop named Old Station Tea Rooms. Like with many of the routes, you will always find cider makers, fudge shops and ice cream parlours; so just be sure to spare enough time to visit them all!

If you are interested in visiting the New Forest area, consider staying at Harvest House for easy access to all of these not-to-be missed restaurants. We work hard to make sure we are a bed and breakfast Hampshire visitors will fall in love with, whether they stay for a short break or a longer holiday.

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